Corona virus

Update 21st of July
The information on this page has been updated following the relaxation of government measures against the corona virus on the 1st of July and due to changes in Stadswonen and building management policy. The most important information is the following. The annual hygiene check may take place later this year. Non-emergency repairs can be reported again. Walk-in hours and bar rental remain suspended.
End of update

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Dear residents,

Preventive measures apply because of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-II) outbreak.

  • Click here for the information page of Stadswonen.
  • Click here for the information page of the national government.

All measures taken by the residents committee are described on this page. Click on a subject below to view the information. These measures apply until further notice.

Social affairs

  • Since the 6th July, sightings for the purpose of renting out rooms to future tenants have resumed.
  • First or second keys to residences can no longer be collected through the residential committee, instead contact Stadswonen for collecting keys.
  • There will be no walk-in hours. The building managers can, as always, be reached through e-mail and we strive for a response time of 3 working days.
  • Contact us through e-mail about collecting keys to the gates at the end of the driveway (no guarantees). E-mail us your request at least three working days in advance.
  • The communal room, the bar, will not be available to be rented out.
  • No barbecues will be rented out.


Since July 6, non-emergency repairs can be reported to Stadswonen again. A message informing you of this was e-mailed to all residents. This message can be read and downloaded here. Read and download the accompanying instruction for visiting contractors here.

The activities of the on-site maintenance staff (made up of residents from this building) have also resumed. When they conduct a repair the following protocol applies.

Coronaprotocol maintenance staff

1. To protect the members of our maintenance staff, we kindly ask you to let us visit your residence while you are away. We can access your residence by using a master key. You can give us permission for the use of this key in a reply to the maintenance staff when they contact you (they will always contact you through e-mail). This practice was already widely used before, to conduct repairs when residents weren’t available at the scheduled time.

2. If you do not wish to give this permission we kindly ask that you properly vent your residence before our visit. You have to maintain a distance of 1,5 meters to our maintenance staff members at all times.

3. If you have any flu-like symptoms please postpone your reparations request to a later point in time. This also applies when you would not be present in the residence. For emergency repairs please contact Stadswonen.

4. Our maintenance staff members can personally decide no to conduct a repair when they determine that they are exposed to too great of a risk of infection. The building managers will then contact you.

Spare parts (lights, shower heads, etc.)

Do you need a replacement light or shower head, sent an e-mail to and the spare part will be deposited in your mailbox. If it does not fit into the mailbox then it will be deposited in the hallway of houses 300-414 to be collected. Spare parts will be supplied on Monday and Thursday as much as possible, but these time slots are not guaranteed. You will be kept personally informed through e-mail.

Annual hygiene check, bike removal and clean up effort

The dates for the annual hygiene check and the residents meeting, which were previously communicated in our letter of the 5th of March 2020, have been rescinded.The bike removal effort, announced for the 19th of April has been cancelled and moved to Sunday the 19th of July. All residents have received a letter informing them of this. This letter can be read and downloaded here. Posters were also put up at all main entrances.

Bike impounded

Bikes impounded during the bike removal effort on the 19th of July will be held for 8 weeks. After the 13th of September, when this period has expired, impounded bikes can no longer be reclaimed. All remaining bikes will be gifted to a charity. Bike wrecks will be disposed of right away and cannot be reclaimed at any time.

In the case that your bike was removed because no sticker was applied to it (or not appropriately), you can reclaim your bike during the reclamation period of 8 weeks, each Thursday between 19.30 and 20.00 if you make an appointment. You also have to prove that you have a key that fits the lock of the bike. A courtesy policy applies, which means that no fines are levied (which cost a fixed amount of EUR 31,00), but instead only an administrative fee of EUR 10,00. Payment can only be done by payment card (no credit cards) or through online banking beforehand. Payment has to be made in advance or at the appointment.

Making an appointment is mandatory due to measures against the coronavirus. The appointments serve to limit and spread the number of people present. For this same reason the walk-in hours are still suspended, while these are normally used as the dedicated moment to reclaim impounded bikes. A zero tolerance rule applies to this policy. Without an appointment you cannot reclaim your bike and no exceptions will be made. To make an appointment you can send an e-mail to